Action items
Reliable Identities
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Script needs review
IoT DDoS Attacks
Script needs review
Suzanne comments:
● This isn't  quite the same use of "license  
   plates" we talk about regarding identity 
   certificates.  Hopefully won't confuse viewers.
   (Here the licence plates are digital signatures 
   rather than identity certificates.)
How Authenticity Will Make Your Life Better
(A script from the "audiences" file)
(WK idea, response to current events)
Script needs review
Suzanne comments:
● You originally described this video as "the 
   next one after 10 reasons"
● Needs cover design
The Billboard 
More "Billboard" comments
Suzanne comments:
● Trying out Wes as the voice of the billboard 
   customer.  A cameo appearance by the 
NOTE:  Unreleased videos shown 
may have temporary narration (Suzanne 
reading the script) for convenient reviewing.

Lucinda will narrate all finalized scripts.
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at the "video inventory"
under construction 
Needs Wes final review
Teller voice to be replaced with Lucinda
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Needs Wes & Mike first look
Suzanne comments:
● This is Wes & Mike's idea for a shorter 
   derivative version of "History of the 
   World" that goes from medieval gangs
   of thugs straight to Internet gangs of thugs
A description of its construction is here
Narration script:
● The combined script needs some smoothing 
   for continuity in the concept of AUTHENTICITY
Wes videos - Updates & Repairs
Click here for details about this work.
Video Roundup
● It's quite long and covers a LOT of territory –
   is it still operational for the intended audience?
After the Web
Suzanne comments:
● This is Wes's old webpage version converted 
    to a video, with a formatting facelift.
● Lucinda will narrate the on-screen words.
● The section about foundational certificates 
   and private key can be used for a "What if I 
   lose my credential" video.
Needs Lucinda narration
Needs message repair
WK says:   The script for reason 1 implies that PKI implementations have omitted private keys, which is impossible.  This will seriously damage our credibility.

What IS missing are specifications and methods for PROTECTING private keys, especially for identity certificates.
10 Reasons - Short & Long
Action common to
 multiple videos
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